July 26, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

samsung galaxy note 8

In August 2017, Samsung launched their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone with lots of pomp and color. Among the features this phone was equipped with, it was touted as having the largest screen ever of any Note device; the touch screen measures 6.30 Inches, with a 1440 pixels by 2960 pixels of resolution. Thus, a bigger screen means having more space on which to do more tasks.  Samsung is a global giant when it comes to the making of electronics and although they initially started off making TVs and other household gadgets, their entry into the Smartphone Market has been felt globally. The Galaxy Note 8 can connect to GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, plus proximity sensors and a compass.

  • Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to come up with the Pen technology on android systems. The S Pen changed everything we knew about communication because it enables the user to express themselves with ease, limitlessly. You can draw and design your own emojis, insert messages on photos to make them appear as if they’re handwritten.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera can take crisp, clear photos on a dark night even with the subject moving. A 2X optical zoom allows you to narrow in on distant objects and get sharp photos and videos. And like the other Galaxies, the Note 8 has optical image stabilization to enable you get steady shots when moving or the object has been greatly zoomed in.

    samsung galaxy

  • A Smartphone is only as good as its performance and in that regard, you’ll be pleased to note that the Galaxy Note 8 has a 6GB RAM and a 10nm high performing mobile processor. This means that you’re able to multitask and still the Note 8 won’t sallow down or hang. Download games as you watch YouTube and chat with friends without any hitches or delays whatsoever. The wireless charger that comes with the Smartphone means that you’ll never have to worry much about power.
  • When it comes to transferring important stuff from an old phone to the Note 8, there’s a Smart Switch that makes this very possible; you’re able to easily move your messages, contacts, photos and files, etc.

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